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We have developed novel, advanced plant technology systems for phytoremediation of soils impacted by organic contaminants, salt and metals. Our technology is termed Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) Enhanced Phytoremediation Systems (PEPS). The services we provide are multi-faceted. Prior to deployment of PEPS in the field, we perform greenhouse trials to optimize the system for on-site remediation. If necessary, further greenhouse trials are performed after on-site remediation has been initiated. In addition to on-site and greenhouse services, we also provide full laboratory services to support our remediation programs by chemically following the remediation process.

Outcomes of application of our phytoremediation technology have generated a great deal of attention both nationally and internationally. Our phytoremediation system has been used successfully to remove petroleum hydrocarbons from soils in the field in situ at several sites in Canada. In Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec we have successfully remediated five sites to generic Tier 1 criteria. We have adapted the PEPS for remediation of salt impacted sites, and have successfully remediated salt impacted sites in Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories. We are now developing PEPS for urban brownfield remediation. Internationally, we have successfully deployed our phytoremediation technology in China for plant growth on, and remediation of, herbicide-contaminated soils. We also have provided environmental analytical services to clients in Ontario and New York.

We design custom phytoremediation processes to remediate soils impacted by organic contaminants (e.g., PAHs, petroleum hydrocarbons and pesticides), salt and metals. We work with our clients to properly test and deploy our phytoremediation system. Each project and quotation is custom designed to fit our client’s needs.